Wednesday Jul 05, 2023

Delivering Joy in Accra : How Menufinder Africa is Revolutionising Food Delivery x Alex Darko | S5 Ep.1 (Season Premiere)

Alex Darko is the founder and CEO of Menufinder Africa, a curated food delivery app operating in Ghana. Adrian and Alex discuss the ins and outs of the food delivery industry in Africa, focusing on how Menufinder Africa differentiates itself from Billion Dollar competitors such as Bolt Food and Glovo.

We delve into the importance of customer satisfaction and go into detail about the delivery radius and the challenges faced when customers request deliveries beyond that. Alex also mentions the possibility of introducing a menu finder plus type subscription to increase the delivery radius. The conversation takes an interesting turn as they discuss the concept of cloud kitchens and how they can revolutionise the logistics and timing of food delivery. Alex gives examples of successful cloud kitchens and talks about the potential for expansion in other areas. Adrian emphasizes the importance of branding and covers the recent success of Menufinder Africa, onboarding more restaurants and experiencing a significant increase in revenues. 


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00:00:00 Welcome to Sound of Accra podcast, featuring Alex Darko.

00:05:15 "Small niche company with excellent customer service."

00:08:30 Sales background shapes outcomes, making people happy.

00:09:31 Growing brand dominates Africa with recent success.

00:13:52 Restaurant partners in East Legon, Cantonments, etc. Advantageous for merchants with multiple locations.

00:15:48 A customer-centric approach with limited resources.

00:20:08 COVID changed perceptions.

00:23:57 Market revolution: On-demand delivery startups in Africa

00:26:34 Expensive smartphone market trends and cloud kitchens.

00:30:24 Build a sustainable culture and solving real problems.

00:32:36 Links, references, nuggets 


Topics covered in this session:

- Importance of aligning all aspects of the business for customer satisfaction

- Delivery radius and potential introduction of a subscription service in Accra

- Advantages of multiple restaurant locations 

- Affordability and popularity of smartphones in driving food delivery usage

- Competition in the food delivery market and the potential use of cloud kitchens

- Importance of covering every touchpoint to echo the brand

- Recent success and growth of the company without significant investment

- Opportunities for startups and companies in the on-demand delivery sector

- Impact of COVID-19 on remote work culture and online services

- Market climate and opportunity for on-demand delivery startups in Africa

- Experience of starting a business and putting oneself in the customer's shoes

- Financial limitations and the inevitability of being wrong in a startup

- Importance of customer experience, longevity, and building a culture

- Relying on data to evaluate features and necessity

- Unique approach to customer service and focus on customer satisfaction

- Challenges of rapid expansion and cost-saving in the food delivery industry

- Observations on the local economy and rebounding prices


Looking into the future, Alex expresses excitement for financial investments and partnerships in 2023. We touch on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the on-demand delivery sector, highlighting the rise of remote work culture and the demand for online services. They discuss the market climate and the opportunities available for startups in Africa. Throughout the episode, Adrian and Alex stress the significance of the customer experience, sincerity in delivering the message, and the need for constant evaluation and adaptation. They acknowledge the challenges of starting a business and the importance of building a strong culture. In conclusion, this episode provides valuable insights for listeners interested in the food delivery industry in Africa, the challenges faced, and the strategies for success. So join us on The Sound of Accra Podcast as we dive deep into the world of curated food delivery and entrepreneurship in Africa.

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